21 years old. As long as you meet all the additional requirements you will be able to rent it above 21. Meaning there is no age limit but we suggest you think twice about the horsepower before you invite your grandma for a ride around the block.

As of July, 1st 2018 the Province of B.C has declared the slingshot an auto-cycle and can be driven with a regular drivers license. That means all the enthusiast that were waiting to be able to drive this beast can do so now! Learn more about the license requirements of driving a slingshot in each state here

Just Enjoy it. Relax. and be responsible with it. Remember more people stare while you drive slow.

Fill’ er up! All Cars are rented with a FULL tank of PREMIUM gas. Unless specified on a promotion or special offer, it must be returned with a FULL tank of PREMIUM gas. Now, if you like you can leave the hassle to us and for $80 we will handle refueling of the car. Our manual cars require 91 Octane fuel or higher.

Simple. Free pick-up at the Richmond location or a $100 fee for a delivery in the Greater Vancouver Area.
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