Our fleet of Polaris Slingshots are available in automatic transmission and come equipped with 4 speakers, Bluetooth, apple carplay, satellite navigation and adjustable ambient lighting. Each vehicle has pre loaded route suggestions to help you find your perfect adventure and explore the city.


Calling all slingshot enthusiasts! Join us on Instagram and TikTok to become a vital part of our community. We are looking for your help to name this incredible slingshot. Engage with fellow fans, cast your vote, and let’s make Vancity Slingshot Rental history together!


Hey there, I’m Storm, a slate grey Slingshot with a personality that lives up to my name. With sleek curves and a powerful engine, I’m ready to sweep you off your feet on electrifying adventures. I’m seeking a rider who shares my passion for excitement and isn’t afraid to embrace the unknown. Let’s ride into the storm together.


Hey there, I’m Nightcrawler, a midnight blue Slingshot with a mystique allure. I thrive on late-night drives and chasing the thrill of adventure under the stars. I’m seeking a spontaneous rider to join me on exhilarating journeys and discover the wonders of the night. Let’s ignite the night together and create unforgettable memories.


Hey there! I’m Naruto, part of a dynamic duo of vibrant orange Slingshots. With a zest for life, a love for adventure, and Nine Tails beside me, I am always up for a good time. Whether it’s racing down the highway or chilling with some street food(my favourite is ramen), we’re seeking a pair of riders who share our energy and excitement. Ready to join us for some unforgettable adventures?


Hey there, I’m Nine Tails, the fiery counterpart of Naruto. With a bright orange hue and a spirit to match, I’m always ready to light up the city with excitement. Whether it’s tearing up the streets or enjoying some downtime under the stars, I’m seeking a rider who’s as adventurous and spontaneous as I am. Are you ready to unleash your inner-beast?


Hey there, I’m Smoke, a sleek ashen grey Slingshot with an enigmatic allure. I thrive on the thrill of the unknown and embrace the mystery of the open road. My perfect match, Shadow, and I create an unbeatable team, ready to blaze trails and leave others in our dust. If you’re ready to ignite your sense of adventure and leave the competition in the rearview mirror, book now and let’s smoke the road together, leaving everyone else to eat our exhaust!


Hey there, I’m Shadow, find me lurking behind the scenes, ready to delve into the city’s secrets alongside my partner in crime, Smoke. With a penchant for sneaking up on the unsuspecting, I’m always trailing close behind, ready to pounce on any thrilling escapade. If you’re prepared to be shadowed by me and Smoke on hair-raising quests into the abyss of the unknown, don’t wait – book now and let’s shed some light on the mysteries together!


Hey there, I’m King, the iconic red Slingshot that started it all. As the original Vancity Slingshot vehicle, I’ve set the standard for exhilarating adventures and thrilling escapades. From racing through winding streets to cruising along scenic highways, I’m always seeking a rider who wants to join me for new experiences and adrenaline rushes.


Hey y’all, I’m Dolly, an electric blue Slingshot with a whole lot of charm.  From cruising down the highway to twirling through winding backroads, I’m always up for a good time. Seeking a rider who shares my love for adventure and isn’t afraid to let loose and have fun. Book now if you’re ready to drive to the rhythm of life with me!